söndag 25 februari 2007

Italy vs Spain

It's time here to put a little light on the italo disco scene that was big in the 80's. Like the name suggests, most of these disco songs came from italy strangely enough. The focus here was on simple melodies and cool new electronic sounds and the disco crowd loved it, here in Europe as well as in the homeland of disco, USA.
First of a song from Italy of course, from a band I don't know much about, Kano. One of the brains behind was Stefano Pulga, one highly productive producer at that time. This song is taken from the Kano album Another Life.

Kano - I Need Love (Full Time Records, 1983)

Secondly a song from the Spanish band Atlanta. I don't know anything about this band except what's on the cover of the 12" record. One of the most ugly record covers I've ever seen. But the song is incredible, it's a must hear.

Atlanta - Romantic Break (Blanco y Negro, 1985)

onsdag 21 februari 2007

A Favourite In Paradise

There's something in me that's weak for those mellow disco tunes. Central Line's Walking into Sunshine is a great example of that. It doesn't make things worse that Larry Levan put his hands on this one. This is a 80's groove worth a million bucks!

Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine

lördag 17 februari 2007

söndag 11 februari 2007

More latin grooves!

A lot of good disco songs contains elements of latin music. Sometimes the soundclash becomes massive that you don't know what hit you. This one is a latin flavoured floorfiller. You may recognise it as Basement Jaxx borrowed from it to there song Bingo Bango.

Bolivar - Merengue / zshare

onsdag 7 februari 2007

Vato Loco! Ese!

I found this mix on dicobelle.net. I know it's not disco, but I'm weak for those latin rhythms, I guess it must be my spanish blood. So here you go.

Cheif Boima & Chango Julius - Cumbia Mix / zshare


Pt. 1
Diario de un Borracho (El Solitario)-Alfredo Gutierrez
Cumbia Sobre el Rio feat. Control Machete y Blanquito Man-Celso Piña
La Negra Tomasa-Caifanes
La Negra Tomasa-Los Flamers
Atrevete Te-Calle 13
El Burrito-Yerba Buena
La Primavera-Manu Chao
Yo Me Llamo Cumbia-El Super Combo
Carmenza-Emir Boscan
Solito Me Quede-Yerba Buena
Bend Down Low-Bob Marley
Cumbia Colombiana-Lizandro Meza
Baby-Kumbia Kings
Who You Wit’-Cumbia Jazz Mix-Jay Z & Charles Mingus
Pt. 2
Go Fernando-Everardo y Su Flota
La Cumbia de los Animales-Eduardo Nuñez
Ron y Coca Cola-Gerneración 2000
Mi Cumbia Colombiana-Aniceto Molina
Serenata Huasteca-Milton y Tomasin
Muchachita Buena-Los Rivales de Colombia
El Cubanito-Amor y Paz
El Ladrón-Los 8 de Colombia
Te Llame porque te quiero-La Banda Internacional de Ray Camacho

tisdag 6 februari 2007


Sylvester continues to live through his music. Although the big mass knows him for his massive hits "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" and "Do You Wanna Funk (w Patrick Cowley)", his golden years included much more than that. My all time favourite with Sylvester is "Over and Over".
Produced by Motown producer Harvey Fuqua and backed by the vocal group Two Tons o Fun (which later became Weather Girls) and the song written by Ashford and Simpson what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing!

Sylvester - Over and Over (Fantasy, 1977) / zshare

söndag 4 februari 2007


CeCe Rogers' real name is Kenny Rogers. 1989 he released this classic with the help of producer Marshall Jefferson. The result is one of the most spiritual songs you've ever heard. This is deep shit, a spiritual experience.

Ce Ce Rogers - Someday / zshare

fredag 2 februari 2007

Nolan Porter

Hey everyone!
Here's Nolan Porter's classic in a Disco Dave stylee...

Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure (Disco Dave Edit) / zshare