fredag 31 juli 2009

Cymande - Brothers On The Slide

I was diggin' through my collection yesterday night and found this beatiful song that I had almost forgot about.
Can you feel the groove?

Cymande - Brothers On The Slide /mediafire
from the LP Promised Heights (Janus 1974)

söndag 26 juli 2009

Samplers and Crooks vol. 3: Moodymann

Hey everybody!
I've been away on a two week long vacation in Greece so that's why it's been so quiet for a while. To make it up to you it's time to post another Samplers and Crooks post. This time I've chosen one of my absolute favourite houseproducers Moodymann. So here's a pack of songs borrowed and stolen by the one and only, Kenny Dixon Jr.

Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black /mediafire
as heard on I'm Doing Fine

Mass Production - Welcome To Our World /mediafire
as heard on Music People

Don Ray - Standing In The Rain /mediafire
as heard on Black Sunday

Chic - I Want Your Love /mediafire
as heard on I Can't Kick This Feelin' When It Hits

Bionic Boogie - Risky Changes /mediafire
as heard on The Third Track

Prince - All The Critics Love U In New York /mediafire
as heard on U Can Dance If U Want 2

onsdag 8 juli 2009

Linda Griner - Good Bye Cruel World

Time for that good old Motown groove again. This song always hits a special spot in me. Golden motown-moment.

Linda Griner - Good Bye Cruel World /mediafire
from the 7" Good Bye Cruel Love / Envious (Motown 1963)

måndag 6 juli 2009

Palestine remembered

Continuing on the Palestine matter I just wanted to share about a great site I found called Palestine Remembered. There you can click on either part of ancient Palestine (now Israel) and click on each city or village and see information on all places that has been ethnically cleansed through the years. The best way to defeat zionism is to not forget.

For once justice did win!

Earlier this year I posted a complaint to Advertising Standards Authority in the UK about an add from The State of Israel Ministry of Tourism. The add showed a map of Israel which included the West Bank, Gaza and The Golan Heights. Today I got an answer by mail. A small victory and a big fuck you to the rasist government in Israel. This is what they wrote:

Israeli Government Tourist Office
Case number:
UK House
180 Oxford Street
Holidays and travel

Number of complaints:

A poster for the Israeli Government Tourist Office had the headline "EXPERIENCE ISRAEL" and a picture of a boy snorkelling with dolphins. Text underneath stated "Few countries pack so much variety into such a small space as Israel. The energy and excitement of Tel Aviv and the rich cultural experiences of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem with the sun and relaxation of Eilat make Israel the ideal multi-centre break". The ad featured a map of Israel that included the West Bank, the Gaza strip and the Golan Heights.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice for Palestine and 442 members of the public challenged whether the poster misleadingly implied that the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights were internationally recognised as part of Israel.

The State of Israel Ministry of Tourism (SIMT), replying on behalf of the Israel Government Tourist Office (IGTO), said the map featured on the poster was a general, schematic tourism and travel information map, rather than a political map. They explained that it gave potential visitors an idea of the location of the areas in and around Israel. SIMT argued that the complaints about whether some areas on the map were internationally recognised as part of Israel were political in nature and not relevant to a tourist ad. They argued that the only impression a reasonable customer would get from the map was that it depicted the areas that could be practically reached and visited when travelling there, and that it was not meant to carry any political messages.

The ASA noted that the aim of the ad was to promote tourism to Israel. We also noted that the map featured in the ad was labelled "Israel" and we considered that, along with the claim "Few countries pack so much variety into such a small space as Israel", the ad implied that all of the areas featured on the map were part of the state of Israel. We noted that the map showed border lines for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, but we also noted that those border lines were faintly produced and difficult to distinguish on the map itself. We understood that the borders and status of the occupied territories of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights were the subject of much international dispute, and because we considered that the ad implied that those territories were part of the state of Israel, we concluded that the ad was misleading.

The ad breached CAP Code clause 7.1 (Truthfulness).

The ad must not appear again in its current form.

söndag 5 juli 2009

Marilyn Chambers 1952-2009 R.I.P

Pornsuperstar Marilyn Chambers passed away earlier this year. She wasn't only good in giving head. She also had a minor discohit in 1977 called Benihana. It isn't the best disco song you've heard, but actually pretty nice for a pornstar I think plus it was released on Roulette.

Marilyn Chambers - Benihana /mediafire
from the 12" Benihana (Roulette 1977)

LaSo - Another Star

Yes, you guessed right. It's Stevie Wonder's classic.

LaSo - Another Star /mediafire
from the LP LaSo (MCA 1977)

Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - Reaching For The World

A classic Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes song in the same style as Bad Luck. They shure had a winning formula when making dancefloor-smashes and they made sure to use it as much as they could. This is one of the better.

Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - Reaching For The World /mediafire
from the LP Reaching For The World (abc 1976)

onsdag 1 juli 2009

Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)

Back in the days when I was smoking too much I had a little period when I listen to Mike Oldfield a lot. Listening to his epic symphony Tubular Bells after a smoky session made my day. When I heard this funky version by the Champ's Boys Orchestra it just cracked me up. The tubular bells sample/interpolation doesn't quite sync the funky beats through the whole song but I think that that is the charm of it as well.

Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix) /mediafire
from the 12" compilation Disco Supreme Volume One (Supreme 2006)
original version from the 12" Land Of Make Believe / Tubular Bells (Disques Vogue 1976)