onsdag 28 maj 2008

Ted wednesday

Ok folks. I'm taking the chance at getting a geek label stamped on my forehead, but I don't care. Two of the greatest pop composers in Sweden was Ted and his brother Kenneth. From 1972 to 1981 they wrote some amazing pieces together. Here is a couple of songs from Ted Gärdestad's second album Ted.

Ted Gärdestad - Oh, vilken härlig dag /divshare

Ted Gärdestad - Come Give Me Love /zshare

torsdag 22 maj 2008

Erykah - Stray Rework

The beautiful icon Erykah Badu has been reworked by Stray. Can it be less than great. I don't think so. Here you go, straight from Göteborg.

Erykah Badu - Real Thang (Stray Rework) /zshare

måndag 19 maj 2008

Hejda Diskomusiken

Here's a Swedish clip from the newsprogram Rapport. In Sweden there just like in the rest of the world there was a fear of Disco Music. Not only the gay aspect of it, but as this clip shows, that it was taking away jobs from live musicians. History shows that it was all alot of BS, like the fear of mp3 today. Anyway... Till alla svennar, här kommer ett skönt rapportklipp om att Diskomusiken dödar dansbanden. Om det ändå vore så väl, ha ha...

söndag 11 maj 2008

How the good Lord works

Religious disco has never been as good as this.

The Joubert Singers - Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Mix) /direct link

Going back to the roots...

I got a request for the song Saint Blas by Jean Pierre Posit that I had on the mix Thank You Dad For The Music which I posted last year. A great song that I for any reason haven't posted yet, so here you go, a beatiful rare piece.

Jean Pierre Posit - Saint Blas (Ariola, 1977) /zshare

And here's the mix I posted last year:

Thank You Dad For The Music /zshare

lördag 10 maj 2008

Beggin' again 2008

One of my favourites last year was as you know the Pilooski Edit of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons' Beggin'. Now it's out again when MadCon from Norway makes a cover of it. And guess who's rapping over the Remix...

MadCon feat. Henok Achido - Beggin' (Remix) /direct link