torsdag 19 januari 2012

Disco's Transmission #1: Name In Lights

I've been doing my thing on this blog now since 2007. On the nets that's like forever so I guess I can call myself a veteran by now. A lot has happened since the start and a lot of you has stuck around even when me myself didn't have the time to post much. Thank you! 2012 is a new year, a year of big change in every department of life which I think a lot of you can agree on. One new thing here is that I will post exclusive DJ-sets by different producers and DJs that are interesting and that I like. There will be both well-known DJs, but also more unknown talents. I will call them Disco's Transmission. Let's start with one favourite of mine.

Name In Lights

Stockholm based Name In Lights consists of Emir Fönk Krkic, Filip Dr Ill Johnsson and David lil;D Irigoyen. I think a lot of you remember the 12" Eld & Lågor from 2010 released on the FEED label. You can also hear the title track from my own set from last year. They've also made great reworks that you can hear on their soundcloud.
To introduce this marvelous set that they were kind enough to do for us I will let Emir say it in his own words:
"We made a set, it became more of a dancemix than we thought in the beginning. We brought both disco and house records when we were going to record the set, but in the end it became house anyway. It sounds like our debut on Wurst that is coming out this spring."

Disco's Transmission #1: Name In Lights /soundcloud


1) Todd Terje - Snooze for Love (Version)
2) Mark E - Call Me (Dixon Edit)
3) What About Never - ???
4) Name In Lights - 19naughtyNow
5) Andreas Saag - Back To Life
6) K.A.T.O - The Booty Dance (Nicholas Rae Interpretation)
7) Manuel Tur - About To Fall
8) Marvin Dash - Workshop ???
9) Royal Oak - ???
10) Muslim Disco Club - Alma
11) Carter Bros. - Run
12) Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
13) Love Unlimited Vibes ???
14) James Bradley - Im into deep

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