söndag 28 januari 2007

Welcome to my World!

Hello everybody !
I've started this mp3-blog to to give you all an insight in the music of disco, a genre that has been ridiculed for a long time. The last ten years we've seen an upswing for disco again and there's alot of stuff out there. There's not even hard to find some really obscure things either in our ultramodern world. But I've realised that alot of people missed that first train so I've decided to create a blog where I put out cool disco songs which wont be such a big thing for those of you who already are saved, but for the rest of you cats there will be alot of spiritual music to catch up on and hope it will encourage you to look after more.
If you have a song you'd want me to put up here just give me a holler and I'll see what I can do.

Here comes the first contribution to this blog:

Fred Wesley - House Party (Full Length Version) / zshare

Much Love Disco Dave

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