söndag 25 februari 2007

Italy vs Spain

It's time here to put a little light on the italo disco scene that was big in the 80's. Like the name suggests, most of these disco songs came from italy strangely enough. The focus here was on simple melodies and cool new electronic sounds and the disco crowd loved it, here in Europe as well as in the homeland of disco, USA.
First of a song from Italy of course, from a band I don't know much about, Kano. One of the brains behind was Stefano Pulga, one highly productive producer at that time. This song is taken from the Kano album Another Life.

Kano - I Need Love (Full Time Records, 1983)

Secondly a song from the Spanish band Atlanta. I don't know anything about this band except what's on the cover of the 12" record. One of the most ugly record covers I've ever seen. But the song is incredible, it's a must hear.

Atlanta - Romantic Break (Blanco y Negro, 1985)

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