lördag 20 oktober 2007

My first album

When I was 11 I bought my first album on cassett. I didn't have any idea of how good it would be, I had just heard the hit singles . The album though is something else. I still to this day haven't heard many albums as good as this. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic. This is a timeless piece of music that should be enjoyed the whole way through so I recorded the LP for your pleasure. Please, have a listen if you haven't heard the whole album. Have a listen even if you think you don't like KLF. Have a listen again if you've heard it before. You know it's worth it.

The KLF - The White Room /zshare


What Time Is Love? (LP Mix)
Make It Rain
3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)
Church of the KLF
Last Train To Trancentral (LP Mix)
Build A Fire
The White Room
No More Tears
Justified And Ancient

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urbano sa...

my first was Kiss "creatures of the night" Yeah!

See ya saturday Dave!