lördag 1 december 2007

31. T-Hud feat. Three 6 Mafia - I'm A Gangsta

Just when I thought I was tired of thugs rapping about bitches and sluts and being so hood and gangsta and all this song landed in my lap thanks to ART.BITCH.
Who then is T-Hud you might ask. His name is Troy Hudson and plays in the NBA league in the states.
His music career has been a big flop though. His album Undrafted only sold 78 copies in the states the first week.
Anyway, this song from the album that features Three 6 Mafia is really good. So put on you sneakers and pull your pants down real low and throw your guns in the air and shout out loud "I'm A Gangsta Motha Fucka!"

T-Hud feat Three 6 Mafia - I'm A Gangsta /zshare

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