måndag 3 december 2007

29. United Artists - Copenhagen

This song was made for the danish fashion designer Mads Nørgaard's short fashion-film The Copenhagen Experience. United Artists consists of Steen Jørgensen (the original singer from Sods), Anders Trentemøller, Marie Fisker, Noam Greigst, Djuna Barnes and Mads Nørgaard himself. The only thing I know about the song except for that is that, it is a cover of an old Sods (that later became Sort Sol) song. This is going to be released as a limited 7" single but I don't know when or if it has been released yet. There's hardly any information about it on the net.
It's a simple pop song though that gets a hold of you with it's brilliant chorus.

United Artists - Copenhagen /zshare

P.S. You can see the film The Copenhagen Experience here.

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