söndag 24 februari 2008

I Love Sampling

Hey y'all!
As you may have noticed I'm back on track with my blog again. It feels good to be of musical service for you again.
One of my musical interests is searching for the original songs that has been sampled by todays music. Here's a couple of original tunes for your pleasure.

Dynasty - Strokin' /direct link
Sampled by DJ Mehdi - Signatune

Goblin - Tenebre /savefile
Sampled by Justice - Phantom

Barry Manilow - Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed /zshare
Sampled by Daft Punk - Superheroes

Breakwater - Release The Beast /mediafire
Sampled by Daft Punk - Robot Rock

The Originals - Sunrise /zshare
Sampled by Jay-Z - Guess Who's Back

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Andras Jozsa sa...

Well, if you heard more Jay-Z songs, you can listen more samples who he "stole". On his first famous song "Sunshine" (in 1997, featured Babyface) you can listen a beepy electronic sound in the background.
This sound is original composed by the one of the first electronica group Kraftwerk in The Man-Machine song (in the same titled album, released in 1978).
Here is a few sample from Allmusic's page:
Well, if you heard it, you'll know, what did I told you :)
I wish you more happy samples from other composers. Andras