måndag 7 april 2008

Fela Fever

I'm almost only listening to Fela Kuti now and I'm getting africanized to the core. Through the hard times I'm passing through Fela is giving me energy with his groovy jazzy nigerian power. This is truly a power greater than myself. Hardly no track with Fela is less than 15 minutes. This is political and spiritual music that has no comparison in western music. This music comes from the jungle, it comes from the desert, it comes from desperation, it comes from struggle and oppression, but most of all it comes from the heart. Just like the heart the nigerian funk never stops beating even though you try to fight it, it will keep beating until you give in to the almighty power of FELA!!!

2000 Blacks Got To Be Free /zshare

V.I.P. (Live In Berlin) /zshare

I Go Shout Plenty /zshare

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