måndag 23 februari 2009

A little message from THUGS

I found this on the Window Into Palestine blog. I thought some of you might be interested.

Announcement of delay

We regret to announce an unforeseen delay in releasing
that mini-War-Criminal-Israeli-soldier
Mr. Gilad Shalit ,
in exchange for
hundreds of innocent-Palestinian-hostages.
the circumstances of this delay
are beyond our control
and yet we ask for apologies.
It came to our attention that Mr. Gilad Shalit
has been hit by some Phosphoric bombs
thrown at us by some barbaric-army , lately ..
Gilad is been treated now to cure his
but the delay is actually to be blamed on
the Regime of Mubarak which is not allowing
the medicament's to enter at the borders,
so we are using the tunnels , which takes longer
and of course , cost us more.
As soon as those medicament's will reach us
and as soon as Olmert will be ready to talk
to smaller Terrorists , than he actualy is ,
we shall, naturally and immediately release Gilat Shalit
Signed :
The rightful Terrorists
defending their own country
from the bigger-unrightful-Terrorists

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