söndag 15 mars 2009

Giorgio - Sooner or Later (Pitched Up To The Max)

This is really a smooth slomo tune which in its original tempo is really nice, but I like it better pitched up (+8) to the max. Take a listen for yourself. A true Giorgio Moroder classic gets even better. (If you've smoked alot of weed today you'd probably like the original slomo version better).

Giorgio - Sooner or Later (Pitched Up To The Max) /zshare
from the LP Knights In White Satin (Oasis, 1976)

2 kommentarer:

Lektor Ollis sa...

Hadde faktisk tenkt å blogge den låta her i en stund nå, bare i det orginale "weed" tempoet da;)
Men en 8+ var ingen dum idé!

Disco Dave sa...

Norsk= Weed