måndag 2 mars 2009

Zionism is racism!

The aim of Zionism is and always has been to have a totalitarian Jewish state and every one who disagrees gets killed and driven away from their homes by demolishing their houses. Israel an USA just recently boycotted an International meeting about racism. Why? Because Zionism was stated to be racism. Any sane person which are not blinded by religion or any other stupidity like fear of arab terrorists can see that. The main excuse from Israel to massacre more than 1,000 civilians in a week is terrorism, but come on, when did you hear about a terrorist attacks on Israel recently? The pathetic missiles that Hamas shoots into Israel that has killed about 10 people? Any state would deal with that by police intelligence and not by massmurdering innocent people that are locked in by walls and helicopters without food and healthcare. Just to top that, the Israelis bombs the schools, ambulances and UN-headquarters with chemical warfare.
The only way for the children of Gaza to get any selfworth is to fight back, cause the willingness to live peacefully with the Israelis is bombed away with the lives of their families and friends.

Welcome to the reality in Gaza!

White Phosphorus in the air

White Phosphorus on the ground

One of many children massacred by the Israeli bombs...

And finally.. The man who will put a stop to this...
I'm sorry to say this but HE WONT!
Here is the black hero Barack speaking at the Zionist lobby organisation AIPAC (Amercan Israel Public Affairs Committee) giving Israel full support and promising millions of dollars and more weapons. Just search youtube for the speech.

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