söndag 14 juni 2009

The Valadiers - I Found A Girl

Time for a Motown oldie again. This is my Motorcity favourite at the moment from Motown's first white group. This was their third single, their first single was Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) / Take A Chance (Miracle 1961) and their second single was Because I Love Her / While I'm Away (Gordy 1962). I Found A Girl from their third single released in 1963 I think is their best. So enjoy this golden Motown-gem. Motorcity soul at its best.

The Valadiers - I Found A Girl /zshare
from the 7" I Found A Girl / You'll Be Sorry Someday (Gordy 1963)

link updated 21 june 2009

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Thomas Denmark sa...

Try uploading in higher quality and on another service! YSI is expiring all the time! please.

Disco Dave sa...

Sure. I've already thought about that before. Time to change it seems. Next post will be with another service. Thanx for your feedback on that.