onsdag 1 juli 2009

Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)

Back in the days when I was smoking too much I had a little period when I listen to Mike Oldfield a lot. Listening to his epic symphony Tubular Bells after a smoky session made my day. When I heard this funky version by the Champ's Boys Orchestra it just cracked me up. The tubular bells sample/interpolation doesn't quite sync the funky beats through the whole song but I think that that is the charm of it as well.

Champ's Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix) /mediafire
from the 12" compilation Disco Supreme Volume One (Supreme 2006)
original version from the 12" Land Of Make Believe / Tubular Bells (Disques Vogue 1976)

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