söndag 26 juli 2009

Samplers and Crooks vol. 3: Moodymann

Hey everybody!
I've been away on a two week long vacation in Greece so that's why it's been so quiet for a while. To make it up to you it's time to post another Samplers and Crooks post. This time I've chosen one of my absolute favourite houseproducers Moodymann. So here's a pack of songs borrowed and stolen by the one and only, Kenny Dixon Jr.

Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black /mediafire
as heard on I'm Doing Fine

Mass Production - Welcome To Our World /mediafire
as heard on Music People

Don Ray - Standing In The Rain /mediafire
as heard on Black Sunday

Chic - I Want Your Love /mediafire
as heard on I Can't Kick This Feelin' When It Hits

Bionic Boogie - Risky Changes /mediafire
as heard on The Third Track

Prince - All The Critics Love U In New York /mediafire
as heard on U Can Dance If U Want 2

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