fredag 4 september 2009

Mike's List

My friend Aloha Mike from Gothenburg asked me for some songs for a birthday party and since I'm such a nice guy I thought I'd let you on this treat as well. Here is some real classy classics for ya.
Download them all here

or one by one down here...

Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage /mediafire
from the LP Fantastic Voyage (Solar 1980)

Tom Browne - Funkin' For Jamaica /mediafire
from the LP Love Approach (GRP 1980)

The Nite-Liters - K-Jee /mediafire
from the LP Morning, Noon & The Nite-Liters (RCA 1971)

Funk Inc. - The Thang /mediafire
from the CD Urban Renewal (Milestone 1995)

The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau (Part 1) /mediafire
from the LP Funky Nassau (Alston 1971)

Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (Addis) /mediafire
from the LP Shaft In Africa (abc 1973)

The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun /mediafire
from the LP It's Just Begun (RCA Victor 1972)

Maceo And The Macks - 'Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) (Extended Version) /mediafire
from the 12" 'Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) (Urban 1987)

Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman /mediafire
from the LP Super Fly (Curtom 1972)

2 kommentarer:

ShariAndVari sa...

niiice collection, thanks!! we can count on the soul disco feed from you :)

Disco Dave sa...

That has become my mission. Ha ha...
Thanks for keeping in touch.
I'm frequently checkin' your blog.