tisdag 13 oktober 2009

More Leroy

I got a little taste for more Leroy Burgess since I posted the Black Ivory song a couple of days ago. Leroy Burgess, a true legend, involved, behind and singing on projects like The Fantastic Aleems, Logg, Slippery People, Bumblebee Unlimited, Convertion, Phreek and more. There are a lot of big producers out there but not many have been so consistent in delivering good dance music until today. So here's some songs with Leroy Burgess.

Phreek - Much Too Much /mediafire
from the LP Patrick Adams presents Phreek (Atlantic 1978)

Aleem featuring Caliber - Hooked On Your Love /mediafire
from the 12" Hooked On Your Love (NIA 1979)

Slippery People featuring Leroy Burgess - Sweet Thing /mediafire
from the 12" Sweet Thing (Rip A Dip 2001)

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