torsdag 12 november 2009

Max Mix

Time flies by so quickly. It's now a whole week since my last post. An eternity on the nets.
Now I'm back with a little different treat for you. Those of you who have been around for a while might remember the spanish megamixers Mike Platinas and Javier Ussia who recorded several megamix-records called Max Mix. They were the biggest selling megamixers at the time. What strikes me when I listen to this mix is how alike it sounds to some of the retro mixes made today. This is a midtempo mix recorded in 1985. The first Max Mix. Enjoy

Mike Platinas y Javier Ussia - Max Mix /mediafire
from the LP Max Mix (Max Music 1985)

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Dr. Muzungu sa...

great stuff- this and the italo Beat series on Rams horn got me into mixing back in the 80s :)

speaking of equally sounding retromixes: check out my italo disco megamix: