måndag 7 december 2009

Dusty Singles from Jamaica

Today I got a hold of a bunch of singles from Jamaica. These are golden classsics so I'm a lucky guy today. They sound rusty and old but that's the way I like it. To show you my love I did a little minimix of them for you.

Dusty Singles from Jamaica /mediafire


Earnest Wilson - Money Worries (Coxsone)
Delroy Wilson - Conquer Me (Studio 1)
The Heptones - Be A Man (Coxsone)
The Eternals - Stars (Studio 1)
Ken Boothe - Don't Want To See You Cry (Coxsone)
Alton And The The Sound Dimension Band - I'm Just A Dub (Studio 1)
Jackie Mittoo - Free Soul (Studio 1)
The Paragons - My Satisfaction (Studio 1)
Willie Williams - Armagedeon Time (Coxsone)

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