onsdag 3 mars 2010

Mindless Boogie originals

As you might have noticed one of my favourite labels when it comes to edits is the superb Mindless Boogie label. I took the time to put together a playlist on spotify with most of the originals from the Mindless Boogie edits. So who edited what? Enjoy!

Mindless Boogie spotify playlist

Updated post....

Who edited what?

Mindless 001
Hot Boogie: Hot Chocolate - Mindless Boogie
Grand Ma: Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out
Mindless 002
Faith Dealer: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer
Mindless 003
Symptom of the Sea: Black Sabbath - Symptom Of The Universe
Mindless 004
So Happy (Wade Nichols Edit): The Turtles - Happy Together
Fox On The Run (Wade Nichols Edit): Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
Boogie (Wade Nichols Edit): KC & The Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man
Mindless 005
Shake (Skinny Joey Edit): Shadows Of Knight - Shake
Mindless 006
Dolly: Dolly Parton - Jolene
Rain: Chris Rea - Josephine
The Ritz: Taco - Puttin' On The Ritz
Mindless 007
The Black Widow (Skinny Joey Edit): Carlos Peron - Breakin' In
Warrior Disco (Skinny Joey Edit): Barry De Vorzon - Theme From 'The Warriors'
Mindless 008
Morning Dew (Prins Thomas Edit): Nazareth - Morning Dew
Mindless 009
Emotional R (In Flagranti Edit): The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue / She's A Rainbow
Mindless 010
A Pint A Day (Woolfy Edit): Wings - Band on the Run
Mindless 011
Faster, Faster (Skinny Joey Edit): Hot Chocolate - Night Ride
Mindless 013
The Duke (Maelstrom Edit): Cloud One - Patty Duke
Mindless 014
Summer In The City (Peter Visti Edit): The Lovin Spoonful - Summer In The City
Draggin My Heels (Social Disco Club Edit): The Hollies - Draggin My Heels
Mindless 015
Dark Desire: Noir Désir - Le Vent Nous Portera
Mindless 018
Miss Boogie (Rove Dogs Edit): Neil Young - Mr Soul
Mindless 019
Wings (New Found Land Edit): Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
Mindless 020
Tina (Villa Edit): Tina Turner - I Can't Stand The Rain
Agneta (Villa Edit): Agnetha Fältskog - Wrap Your Arms Around Me
Mindless 021
Totally Tubular (Lovelock Edit): Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Part 1
Singing Shower Gods (Lovelock Edit): Simple Minds - The Fear of Gods
Mindless 022
Song For Someone (Mighty Mouse Edit): Yello - Great Mission
Song For Ellen (Mighty Mouse Edit): Fania All-Stars - Ella fue (She Was The One)

12 kommentarer:

Mondoco sa...

Cheers for this- love mindless boogie also, appreciate hearing alot of these originals which I've not tracked down in the past myself.

ps. you wouldn't care to possibly name the tracks sampled for there mindless boogie re-edits if you had the chance please?

Mondoco sa...

apologies just noticed you were posting the question of who edited what, guess I'll just need to watch this space. Know a few but need to check titles when I've got more time and hopefully take a few guesses.

A night out with Disco Dave sa...

Sure, I will take some time this weekend to post who edited what.
I'm glad you liked the post. Shows somebody else cares for these lovely tunes.

the saucer people sa...

Mindless Boogie is my all time favourite label and its always great to see someone else appreciating it. I have yet to hear a bad release! Infact the only release I have not heard/got is the Xmas one, you have that? And thanks for all your hard work with the original tracks, there were a few I have been trying to find who did the original for a long time so I am so happy you have filled in a couple of blanks for me! Great blog!
Hard question, whats your favourite Mindless Boogie release? Mine has to be the Prins Thomas "Morning Dew" release, I still play it regularly!

A night out with Disco Dave sa...

Yeah. That's a hard question, but I'd say "A Pint A Day" Mindless 010. The edit of Wings - Band On The Run. I just love it!

Mondoco sa...

Hey thanks alot for doing this- really useful thanks.
FAO: Saucer People, I've got MindlessXmas - Peter Visti Vs. Kirkegaard on 12" and should be able to upload sometime before end of week if your interested then you can let me know.

I see that the Mighty Mouse release ia also technically a xmas release and also have this on vinyl.

I'm waiting on Kid Who's Mindless Boogie 23 to be delivered tomorrow which i'm looking forward to along with number 15 rubber room which i managed to find in stock thankfully.

MondoCo sa...

Mindless Boogie 018 Rove Dogs:
Why Don't You Dub- Why Don't You Answer by the Police
King of Paris- King of Hollywood by the Eagles (probably my personal favourite)
Miss Boogie- Miss You by the Rolling Stones though has similarities to Mr Soul by Neil Young so can't be certain.

A night out with Disco Dave sa...

Thanks for the info. More info like that is appriciated.

MondoCo sa...

Don't mention it nice to return the favour one in a while.

Mindless Boogie 019: New Found Land
"Cock Ring" is the Promise You Made by Cock Robin
and "Love Is" original is Is this Love by Whitesnake

Mindless Boogie 002: Joe Who?
"Plat Du Jour", Belle De Jour by Saint Tropez's

Mindless Boogie 005: Skinny Joey
White Holes" Original also called white holes by Fleet
"Area 45" is an obscure stars on 45 track which was also sampled by metro area for Miura (hence the title)

Mindless Boogie 007: Skinny Joey
"La Nuit, Le Nuit" is Cargo De Nuit by Axel Bauer

Mindless Boogie 023: Kid Who
"Above My Head" is Game above my head by Blancmange
"My Hero" is We Don't Need Another Hero by Tina Turner
"Clash of the Titans" is Clash by Logic System

There that is another few tracks taken care of.
Anyone care to put me out my misery and tell me the Original of El Toro on Prins Thomas mindless boogie?

A night out with Disco Dave sa...
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A night out with Disco Dave sa...

The original to El Toro is a song called "Soy un soñador" by Rudy Ventura.

chris keys sa...

excellent post!
i still need to get that mighty mouse one, the yello edit is fantastic..

hope you're well Dave