lördag 2 oktober 2010

3 from 1: Donna Summer

Donna Summer is an artist that has been used by many for miscrediting discomusic and for making it mainstream and light. This couldn't be further from the truth. Of course, with the sound of Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte she reached the toplists with hits like Love To Love You, Hot Stuff and I Feel Love, but these were also groundbreaking. It was the time of new sounds and styles and Donna, Giorgio and Pete did for some years release a bunch of great albums filled with superb disco music. Here is three songs for you to enjoy during the weekend.

Donna Summer - Wasted /mediafire
from the LP A Love Trilogy (Oasis 1976)

Donna Summer - Spring Affair/Summer Fever /mediafire
from the LP Four Seasons Of Love (Casablanca 1976)

Donna Summer - Bad Girls /mediafire
from the LP Bad Girls (Casablanca 1979)

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Anonym sa...

Wonderful, Donna at last! But I always return to my favourite MacArthur Park.