måndag 3 oktober 2011

Atlanta and Brafa

In the early days of this blog I posted one of my all time favourite eurodisco track. It's a spanish 12"from 1985 with the group Atlanta. I don't know much more about them now from what I did when i posted it 4 years ago, and that's one of the reasons it still got its charm left I think. The cover of the record is also one of the ugliest I've seen which is really funny. Here it is for you to download again since I think some of you cats out there still haven't discovered this.

from the 12" Romantic Break (Blanco y Negro 1985)

The other track in this post is a track I found 2 years ago on the magnificent blog Beat Electric called Disco Train with Brafa. I've searched and looked for this track from time to time since then but have never been able to find this tune anywhere else. It's a beautiful piece of lo-fi afro disco that you just have to love when you hear it. With that said, I'm alive and kickin again to give you more of that soulful shit.

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