tisdag 20 mars 2012

Adana Twins - Everyday

This is my favourite track right now from one of the most exciting labels at the moment, Exploited. I just posted two Exploited tracks in a row without thinking about it until I just opened my eyes to it. I hope and think you all will like it. The B-side Strange is also great, almost as good as this.

from the digital release Everyday (Exploited 2012)

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Anonym sa...

Do you know Sad Motion? I am looking for "Den där festen". I had it on vinyl and it was a favourite during my disco days. Looong time ago!
Please let me know if you have it.

Second best:

A night out with Disco Dave sa...

I'm sorry. I don't have it, yet. But thank you for opening my eyes to this Swedish disco/funk band. I will dig for it.