lördag 4 april 2009

Beatconductor: Now and Then

One editer/remixer/producer I've admired alot is Ture Sjöberg also known as The Beatconductor, Jazzconductor, Southside Connection, Discoconductor and a couple of other aliases. I thought I'd post some of my favourites for you. This is really good!!!

Southside Connection - DJ - My Soul Is Free! /ysi
from the 12" Make No Mistake (...To The Disco) / DJ - My Soul Is Free! (Raw Fusion, 2003)

The Beatconductor - Balanço /ysi
from the 12" Crazy In Kingston / Balanço (G.A.M.M., 2004)

Beatconductor - Sumthin' Betta /ysi
from the 12" Sumthin' Betta / Kumbara (G.A.M.M., 2006)

Beatconductor - I Can't Go For That /ysi
from the 12" Brand New Secondhand Ep (Spicy, 2009)

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Jonathan sa...

Great post!

Disco Dave sa...

It'll be more posts like this in the future so tune in and drop out.