söndag 10 maj 2009

Barrabas - Hi-Jack

Here's a early disco treasure from Spain. It was a favourite at many discoteques at the time but is one piece that I think has been forgotten by most discobeards around. Barrabas' songs Wild Safari and Woman has become obvious disco classics but this one is a piece I haven't seen a lot of people lift up to the surface, so enjoy, this is a nice piece of dancemusic and that Barrabas is a spanish band doesn't make it worse.

Barrabas - Hi-Jack /mediafire
from the LP Soltad a Barrabas! (Ariola, 1974)

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philphila sa...

Hello. Would you be able to reactivate the link to Barrabas Hi-Jack? Thank you!

Disco Dave sa...

Here you go.The link is updated.
Cheers Dave