fredag 8 maj 2009

Marv Johnson - Come To Me

I'm very pleased to say that I just bought the first ever Motown single on ebay. Marv Johnson's Come To Me/ Whisper on the Tamla label with the lovely catalogue number Tamla 101. I don't know if it is because of the financial crisis but I got it for only 40 bucks, which I think is a bargain. Anyway, here it is.
I've been stuck in the motown jungle for a while so don't be surprised if there's more coming from where that came from.

Marv Johnson - Come To Me /ysi
from the 7" Come To Me/Whisper (Tamla, 1959)

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Anonym sa...


that's true!!! this is the first motown pressing ever.

check it on:
also on

i'm sure i own also a copy of it.