fredag 3 september 2010

3 from 1: Joan Manuel Serrat

Here's something a little different. This isn't dance music, not at all. Something that I'm weak for is good spanish music from the 60's and 70's and one of the greatest is the catalan singer and poet Joan Manuel Serrat. The rebel that released records in catalan even though it was forbidden during the regime of Franco to sing or talk in any other language than spanish or castellano as it is called. He even refused to sing in the Eurovision Song Contest because the authorities wouldn't let him sing in catalan. Because of that his records were banned and burned on the streets. A true catalan hero in other words. Here is three great songs. I hope you like it...

Joan Manuel Serrat - Una guitarra /mediafire
from the 7" La mort de l'avi/El mocador/Una guitarra/Ella em deixa (Edigsa 1965)

Joan Manuel Serrat - Sota un cirerer florit /mediafire
from the 7" Ara que tinc 20 anys/El drapaire/Sota un cirerer florit/Quan arriba el fred (Edigsa 1966)

Joan Manuel Serrat - Me'n vaig a peu /mediafire
from the 7" Cançó de matinada/Paraules d'amor/Les sabates/Me'n vaig a peu (Edigsa 1966)

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