onsdag 1 september 2010

Acid Washed - Acid Washed (Danger Remix)

Here's some great stuff I got in my mail today. Acid Washed is a great electroduo from France. So the question is, do we really need this french electronic sound one more time? Absolutely! Play this loud in a great soundsystem and you will just love it! Electrofying!
On the 17th of september they will release their theme song on 12" and digitally of course with remixes by Daniel Haaksman, Digikid 84, Danger, Mickey Moonlight, The Hacker, Lazy Flow, Jungle Fiction and Stuff. Don't sleep on it....

Acid Washed - Acid Washed (Danger Remix) /mediafire
from the upcoming 12" Acid Washed (Record Makers 2010)

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